Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Adventures in 1st Grade

We have been continuing to learn about the 7 Habits each week. Here is what we have done so far...
Today we talked about Sharpening the Saw and what it means and how we take care of our mind, our heart, our body, and our soul. 

We are still learning a lot about bats, we are finishing up our Batty Reports. Today we worked on these bat poems to go with the artwork from last week.
We also had a lot of fun learning how small the smallest mammal the bumblebee bat is(1 inch) compared to how large the largest mammal the blue whale is(100 feet.) We measured our classroom(41 feet) and we measured out 100 ft on the playground and we surprised at just how enormous that must be! 

Spooky Science was fun too!! We learned about how we can ask questions and do experiments with things from our own kitchen. Ask your child what happened to the candy corn.

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