Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1st Graders are Following the Yellow Brick Road

We had another fabulous 1st grade day today! Today we talked about Habit #2 from The 7 Habits of a Happy Kids which is Begin With the End in Mind. When you do this you have a plan, you set goals, you are prepared, you think about how your choices will affect you and you think about the positive or negative consequences of your actions before you act. 
Here is one student's goal sheet:
We talk about goals every week. Talk about this with your child and look at the goals they set for themselves on their road map each week. 
1st graders are starting a unit on Bats. Today we shared what we already knew and questions that we had. We also read Stellaluna 
And we compared bats and birds. 
It was a rainy day so we had some Think Fun time as well. 

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